One of my favourite Chef Collabs ever

One of my favourite Chef Collabs ever was my very first time north of 60! Spending a weekend in Yellowknife with my friends at Twin Pine Dinner was delicious and an experience I’ll never forget, Thanks Robin..... brrrrrrrr it’s damn cold 😉

Twin Pine checks all the boxes

Twin Pine offers exceptional food with incredible service. I’ve been multiple times for their famous brunch, as well as for lunch, dinner, and a private party. I’ve always had consistently and shockingly delicious food that tells you the chef is passionate about what he does, and insanely peppy and cheerful service from his wife and other servers. Generally you’re likely to have a wait as the space is very small, but IT’S WORTH IT! If you don’t want to be disappointed, make sure you show up with your whole party or you won’t be seated and other lucky buggers might get in ahead of you. For me, Twin Pine checks all the boxes, and is a must-have for any visiting or new Yellowknifer!

An absolute hidden gem

An absolute hidden gem (no more). Unaware of this establishment until March 2018 when I took my clients there for brunch, and everyone loved it. I immediately booked two private functions shortly after. Robin and Karen are very personable and have a great passion for culinary. The Team put a lot of thoughts and creativity in the menu and try to incorporate as much local ingredients as possible. A must-visit for locals and tourists. 讓大家讚絕口的餐廳。人口約兩萬的黃刀, 餐廳選擇實在不多。廚師Robin花很多心思來經營這餐廳, 餐點也盡量納入當地食材。2016夏天就開幕在很不起眼的地方, 導致2018三月才發現這裡。 Twin Pine Diner 已經成為我每趟黃刀必去的餐廳了! 菲哥 Philip Wu

Don’t tell granny!

Holy smokes! Robin's bannock is better than my grandma's family recipe!! Don't tell granny! The bannock is super light and fluffy, if you  add some TPD homemade strawberry jam it's transformed into a dessert.

Everything makes sense and every ingredient has a purpose

There are few chefs who I would gladly give carte blanch and reply, “I don’t care…surprise me” to their question of “what can I get you?” Robin Wasicuna is one of those chefs. In the six years he’s been feeding me, not once have I been disappointed. His food is creative without being fussy. Everything makes sense and every ingredient has a purpose. I think there’s really a soft-bosomed granny underneath all those tattoos and piercings wanting to tell you to “Eat! Eat!” This chef excels at Canadian soul food, so sit down and dig in. I dare you to not lick your plate.

Too tasty to miss!

Too tasty to miss! Robin and his crew hosted our company Christmas party in 2016, as we were looking for a venue that was a bit more subdued for dinner conversations while providing a great menu that all staff could enjoy. The reviews from our staff were so phenomenal after the meal, we immediately decided to do it again in 2017! Not only that, Robin created custom cocktails for the occasion AND closed the restaurant, which in effect, provided us with a private party - something we definitely were not expecting! Their staff were extremely attentive and accommodating - it was like having our very own private chef and server! We can’t say enough about the fantastic food, the excellent service and the thoughtfulness that went into accommodating our event. Five stars all the way around - thank you folks! From your friends at Inkit.

Robin has worked with us and some of Canada’s best chefs

The fact that a chef as talented and inspired as Robin is living and working in Yellowknife should be considered a local blessing. Robin has worked with us and some of Canada's best chefs during our previous annual Northern food nights. I've been a fan of Robin's cooking since I first tried his food at the original food truck and have hired him on more than one occasion for privately catered events. He always impresses.