Robin represents the NT on Chopped Canada

Twin Pine Diner is proud to reminisce about our very own Robin Wasicuna’s participation in the inaugural season of Chopped Canada, and from all the love he has received since the initial airing of his episode, we get the sense that the entire community also is proud of him and we love Yellowknife all the more for it. Thanks for the on-going support Yellowknife! Anyone who was unlucky enough to miss Robin’s television debut or for those of us who just like to watch it again, you  can catch it here: Chopped Canada Video – Food, Sweat, and Tears | Season 1 Episode 3

We wanted to show you the episode right here on our own awesome site through the YouTube video but unfortunately somebody (*cough* Calvin *cough* Carter *cough*) made some kind of funky error uploading it because it is only playable on a desktop/laptop and even then, it is still is not very good quality. Me thinks that maybe it’s not an official Food Network upload and because of this our super pro webmaster has made it so that it is only visible on on larger screens, but seriously, if you want to see the good quality version use the official Food Network link we provided above.


Twin Pine Diner - Promo Video
by Sam Kim