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Here is a super cool excerpt from an amazing travel article from Vogue magazine published September 12, 2017 9:39 AM by Lacy Morris that just so happens to mention our very own Robin Wasicuna. Check it out below:


Untamed and raw, if the frontier spirit is still alive, you can feel it in Yellowknife. The city, tiny compared to others but large—as in 50 percent of the Northwest Territories’ population lives here—by Arctic Canada standards, is just a blip, a tiny speck among acres and acres of pristine wilderness and water. Yellowknife sits on the banks of Great Slave Lake, an incomprehensibly large mass of water that measures as the 10th largest lake in the world—the world, a big category.

This town once full of eager trappers and traders, miners, and fishermen still retains an entrepreneurial, live-off-the-land spirit. You can see it in Old Town, a section of Yellowknife where tax-free houseboats meet up with an eclectic tangle of wooden shacks and log cabins. In them, a handful of creatives have chosen to practice their craft in this sub-arctic capital city—like Down to Earth Gallery, an artist-run shop that hawks only Northwest Territories art—and chefs are changing Yellowknife’s culinary landscape for the better—like Chef Robin Wasicuna of Twin Pine Diner fame, whose list of accomplishments include feeding now–Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and enjoying a run on Chopped Canada.

And you can see it in the nightlife, a surprisingly diverse and active crowd for its northern locale and population of roughly 20,000, depending on the time of year. The reason is that many young professionals are drawn to the area, seeking out big seasonal money in the public-sector industry, gigs with wilderness outfitters, or just the thrill of living in the Arctic. It’s a city for 20- and 30-somethings who come seeking adventure, just like during the Gold Rush.

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Twin Pine Diner - Promo Video
by Sam Kim