Twin Pine Diner is a new restaurant established in July 2015 by Chef Robin Wasicuna. Twin Pine Diner’s mission is to provide customers with high quality food and service while utilizing fresh and whenever possible local ingredients. Twin Pine Diner offers customers an experience with food that combines unique flavor profiles that are balanced, interesting, unpretentious and delicious. Twin Pine Diner provides homemade comfort food that respects the customer’s palate.

Chef Robin by James MacKenzie

Photo by James MacKenzie

Robin Wasicuna – Executive Chef

Robin Wasicuna is an Aboriginal, classically French trained chef and a Chopped Canada finalist with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry.



Photo by Angela Gzowski

Jay Wadsworth – Sous Chef

Jay Wadsworth has 20 years’ experience in the culinary industry and has been Robin’s right hand man since Wiseguy Foods.


Karen and Robin

Photo by Kyle Thomas

Karen Wasicuna – General Manager

Karen Wasicuna has over 10 years of managerial experience and has been instructing and training people in a variety of settings for over 20 years.


TPD Family

Photo by Twin Pine Diner

TPD Team

Our team is our family; they are hardworking and will provide you with fantastic quality service.